Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and related restrictions, volunteer and internship opportunities are limited.  Interested volunteers/interns should complete and submit the volunteer application.  We will attempt to accommodate requests that meet current CDC , PA Department of Health, and Pennsylvania Governor’s Office COVID-19 safety regulations.    

Why Volunteer at TWC?

  • Strengthen interpersonal skills;
  • Gain advocacy skills;
  • Help others in need;
  • Experience diversity;
  • Meet interesting people;
  • Educate others;
  • Make a difference in your community.


Become a Direct Service Volunteer:

The Women’s Center, Inc. offers a 60-hour counselor/advocacy training course. This training is open to the public for individuals who want to assist staff in providing services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and incest. The training costs $40, after the volunteer has completed the course and given back 12 hours of volunteer service, they are reimbursed the $40. Volunteer opportunities include: hotline coverage, legal and medical accompaniment, crisis counseling, substitute overnight advocates (as needed), helping to run groups, preventative education programs and more!

Volunteer Application

Internship Application

Become a Non-Direct Service Volunteer:

Non-Direct Service Volunteers help with other aspects of the agency. They do not provide direct services to clients. Services include: office assistance, newsletter/bulk mailing, shelter readers, painters, maintenance, sorting donations, helping with awareness events, or help with children’s activities and play groups.

Volunteer Application

Volunteering as a High School Student

Volunteer opportunities for High School students are available. Contact us today to obtain more information about hosting a cell phone drive in your school or community.

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Types of Internships

Shelter Intern

  • Answer 24/hour hotline
  • Provide supportive counseling to victims of domestic and sexual violence
  • Explore the issues facing battered women and their children, including the need for safety planning, community resources, and supportive counseling

Legal Advocate Intern

  • Gain practical experience and a working knowledge of Columbia and Montour counties legal proceedings related to domestic and sexual violence.
  • Help victims understand the legal system by explaining procedures, answering questions, providing emotional support and accompaniment court cases and appointments.

Accounting Intern

  • Provide assistance to the Director of Finance with data entry into the Business Works accounting system, general ledger, and accounts payable module
  • Aid in providing assistance with preparations of financial reports, creating budgets as well as budget revisions

Medical Advocacy Intern

  • Observe and participate in crisis response and medical advocacy of victims in the hospital setting.
  • Assistant the Medical Advocacy Coordinator with domestic violence and sexual assault awareness training programs.
  • Research and develop material for new and ongoing projects.
  • Assist the medical advocacy staff in the general operations and administrative responsibilities of the Medical Advocacy Program.

Education/Volunteer Intern

  • Assist the Education Department with the development, marketing, and presentation of preventative education events and activities.
  • Present programs relating to domestic and sexual violence to a wide variety of individuals from pre-school aged to the elderly.
  • Create lesson plans, learning games, and develop preventative education marketing strategies.
  • Develop new recruitment and recognition programs.

Internship Requirements

Our internships are very competitive, please contact our agency early if you are interested in interning.

  1. Download and fill out the Internship Application.
  2. Call our Volunteer Advocate at (570)-784-6632 to indicate interest in what internship and semester you are interested in applying for.
  3. Submit the internship application, a resume, brief writing sample (2-3 pages), two Intern Recommendation Forms, and a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  4. After all of these materials are received the Volunteer Advocate will schedule a first interview.
  5. After the first interview the Volunteer Advocate will forward your information to the appropriate department supervisor who will contact you for a second interview.
  6. If you’re accepted for the internship you will meet with our Volunteer Advocate to complete all the appropriate paperwork for our agency. If the internship requires you to work directly with our clients, you will be required to complete a 60 hour Direct Service Training Course that must be completed within two weeks of starting the internship.

Internship Deadlines

Fall Applicants:

  • Deadline for Application and Accompanying Materials: July 15th
  • Deadline for First Interview: July 25th
  • Deadline for Second Interview: August 3rd
  • Deadline for completing 60 hr training: Two weeks after the internship start date.
    • Strongly encouraged to complete before the start date.

Spring Applicants:

  • Deadline for Application and Accompanying Materials: November 15th
  • Deadline for First Interview: November 25th
  • Deadline for Second Interview: December 5th
  • Deadline for completing 60 hr training: Two weeks after the internship start date.
    • Strongly encouraged to complete before the start date.

Summer Applicants:

  • Deadline for Application and Accompanying Materials: April15th
  • Deadline for First Interview: April 25th
  • Deadline for Second Interview: May 2nd
  • Deadline for completing 60 hr training: Two weeks after the internship start date.
    • Strongly encouraged to complete before the start date.