Sexual Assault Information


Sexual assault can happen to any adult or child. Adults are sexually assaulted when someone forces, coerces or tricks them into some kind of sexual activity against their will. Sexual assault happens when someone does not or cannot consent to the sexual acts.

Talking about a sexual assault is the first and one of the hardest steps in healing from the pain of abuse. When you tell about your experiences of sexual assault, it may be helpful to know that:

  • You are not to blame for the assault no matter how it occurred or how you responded to it. No one ever has the right to abuse anyone else for any reason.
  • You did not ask to be abused, no matter what you did or who abused you. No one ever wants to be abused; we do want attention, affection, to be touched and comforted. Wanting affection does not mean wanting to be abused.
  • You did not deserve to be abused. No one deserves to be abused, no matter what they do.
  • You are not alone. One in four women will experience sexual assault in her lifetime.


Sexual Assault is Never the Victim’s Fault!