Community Outreach

Numidia Dragway

In June, The Women’s Center, Inc. hosted a basket raffle and 50/50 drawing at the Numidia Dragway.  Over 20 businesses and individuals from Columbia and Montour counties donated items that helped make up 15 baskets.  With the help of all these donations we were able to raise over $500 and educate our community about our mission


Mock Rape Trial 2018

Every couple of years, The Women’s Center, Inc. invites the community into the court room.  This event is designed to gain a better understand of the legal side of rape trails.  This is the third Mock Rape Trial that has been put on since 2008.  Although, the defendant was not convicted in this situation (11-1 for guilty), the event was very helpful in understanding what goes into a rape trial.  Here’s a little bit about the case:

The Commonwealth vs. Davis

The Defendant is Michael Davis and the victim is Ashley Williams, both are students at New Columbia University.  Williams and Davis were previously in a relationship and trying to make things work the night of the alleged sexual assault.  They attend a party and both deny drinking excessively.  At the end of the evening, Williams and Davis return to Davis’ apartment.  Davis tries to have sex with Williams.  Williams states she told Davis to “STOP,” but he ignored her and they engaged in sexual activity.  Before Williams left Davis’ apartment they got into an argument over a girl that Davis shared a class with. Consensual Sex or Rape?

The Women’s Center, Inc. would like to thank all the criminal justice professionals and volunteers to make this event successful!

Presiding Trial Judge:  The Honorable Judge, Gary E. Norton

Prosecution:  District Attorney, Thomas Leipold

Defense:  Assistant District Attorney, Daniel P. Lynn

Detective Jessie Young played by:  Chief Allen Breach, Locust Township Police Department

Randy Miller (SANE nurse):  Played by Bridget Brown

Ashley Williams (victim):  Played by Sadie Jordan

Pat Daniels (victim’s roommate):  Played by Colleen McCollum

Michael Davie (alleged perpetrator):  Played by Jon Shultz

Terry Washington (alleged perpetrator’s roommate):  Played by Alexander Eisele

Lee Streams (psychologist):  Played by Monica Johnson


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In the United States, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).  The goal of this is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to teach communities on how to prevent it.  One way The Women’s Center, Inc. has educated the surrounding areas is by embarking on our “Paint the Town Teal” campaign.  We go around to businesses in the Columbia/Montour counties asked if we can display sexual assault statistics and/or a teal ribbon to educate the community about how serious a topic this is.  Each year, we increase the number of businesses that want to be involved!  This year, sororities and fraternities also got involved in the event!

We also took time to add statistics and information about consent to downtown Bloomsburg.  The community noticed our efforts showing their support in our local newspaper.











Children’s Fair 2018

Every year our community celebrates the Children’s Fair at the Columbia Mall.  Over the years, we’ve had some fun children’s activities that get kids in the community involved as we promote safety and healthy relationships.  A few years ago, children may sun catchers.  Last year, they made butterflies.  This year, they made friendship flowers!

IMG_8186 IMG_2097











Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk

This past November, The Bloomsburg University Women’s Resource Center, the LGBTQA Resource Center, and The Women’s Center, Inc. had its first annual “Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk” event!  This program was created to show the world that we Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk when it comes to Consent in the Sheets and Dissent in the Streets.  This event began with a peaceful march around the Bloomsburg University campus, ending with a discussion on Bystander Prevention presented by The Women’s Center, Inc.  All supporters participated in bystander scenarios to help them learn how to speak up against those being affected by gender based violence through intersectional and inclusive methods.  The whole evening was a huge success with over one hundred people pledging to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.